Hands On    
My Captain
King of the May
Big John
Mountain Woman
Leaving This Morning
Soo Cow Soo
Spirit of 79
Tighten Up On It
Holler and Run

See What You Done    

Blues See What You Done
Big Road Blues
Hard Man
Blink And You Miss It
Freya Marie
Backdoor Man
Dark Narcotic
Ladygrove Walk
Swamp Thing
I Was A Fool



Covers every shade of Blue and perhaps 
creates a few more!" 
Gary Grainger
The Blues Show
Bishop FM, IBBA

£9.99 + pp
No More Signifyin' - 2014    

No More Sygnifyin'
Home Again
Nine Yard Stare

First release from Poplar Jake and the Electric Delta Review - Poplar goes electric with a band that means business.

£3.99 + pp

From the Delta to the Docks - 2013

See See Mama
Miss Etta
Whipping Boy
Pretty Peggy
When I Get To Drinking
Five And Some Change
Tribiani Time
Sweet Marianne

"What this album gives you is some soulful vocals, backed by great guitar work. There are no overblown guitar solos, no frills and no gimmicks - it's just packed wall to wall with some damn good songs."
- John Seymour, Firebrand

"The title is apt; the sound of the delta is here, as is the best traditions of British songwriting. I think it’s safe to say that this is a real achievement."
- Ian McHugh, Blues Is The Truth

£9.99 + PP
Ridin' the Blinds - 2011    

Walkin' Blues
Lord, I looked Down The Road
Good Liquor Gonna Carry Me Down
I Can't Be Satisfied
Crow Jane
Too Much Alcohol


Jake takes it back to the source...his voice has that attention grabbing quality, which is matched by his fine acoustic picking."
- Duncan Beattie, Blues Matters

£9.99 + PP